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Master in Information Design in partnership with IBM – September 2018

The business of fashion has experienced extreme change in recent years. We can measure both the costumer journey behavior and track the initiatives of the retailers giving them suggestion on how to improve. A huge source of disruption in the fashion industry is, of course, social media. To capitalize on the disruption that social brings to the industry, fashion brands must understand how to use the enormous quantity of data from social channels to engage and interact with customers in a better way. Cognitive systems (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDy2yTsI0J4) have the ability to read many data, structuring them in order to find not common insights and best services for personalized offers. Using the data of almost 1,000,000 digital conversations about fashion on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and other social platforms IBM studied the relationship between fashion brands and their audiences, to help guide brands who want to do more with social data. We can built smarter networks, offer smarter operation and deliver smarter shopping experience!


The goal of this competition is to be able to effectively translate into a visual form consumer insights derived from the analysis of various sources and data reports. The student is asked to do a basic research regarding a strategic and pressing topic in the fashion industry, that of “see now buy now”. He/she will then conduct an analysis of customer sentiment about this trend. Sources can include but are not restricted to industry reports, professional databases and archives, social media, newspapers and articles treating this topic such as Altagamma, Fashionbi, Bain & Company, McKinsey, Pambianco, Contactlab etc… In particular for social media conversion and sentiment analysis the student could also use the free IBM Tool Watson Analytics. https://www.ibm.com/it-it/marketplace/watson-analytics.
The outcome must express an effective, useful and impactful data visualization which should be capable of expressing the information analyzed.
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The works must be delivered to Domus Academy by and no later than April 16th 2018.
Candidates will be informed about the results of the competition by e-mail on May 16th 2018.

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  • One scholarship covering 60% of the total tuition fee of the Master Program
  • One scholarship covering 50% of the total tuition fee of the Master Program
  • One scholarship covering 40% of the total tuition fee of the Master Program
  • Two special mentions covering 20% of the total tuition fee of the Master Program


Projects will be selected and evaluated by the Faculty of the Master in Information Design of Domus Academy and Domus Academy admissions jury.