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Master in Product Design in partnership with Magis – January 2018


“For Magis, design isn’t so much the conception of a chair, a table, a lamp, or a car as the thought process and business culture that guides a company through its own journey, earning it the distinctions that give it its strength.”


Chair_One  designed  by  Konstantin  Grcic  in   2003  is  a  truly  unique  seat.  The  shape  was   the fruit of lengthy preparatory studies, using sketches,  cardboard  models  and  prototypes   before  moving  on  to  production  in  die-cast  aluminum.  It  is  available  in  two  versions:  a   stackable  chair  with  aluminum  profile  legs,   which may be polished, anodized or painted,  to  meet  any  needs  for  home,  contract  or   outdoor  settings;  or  a  fixed  or  swivel  chair   with a cement base painted transparent that  enhances its pleasingly rough texture, typical  of contemporary art and architecture (MAGIS).  Candidates are asked to design a novel chair  that  explores  the  iconic  identity  of  MAGIS   through  a  design  process  that  tells  a  story   behind  the  object.  Design  integration  should   be  the  basis  for  the  process  and  production   of the chair since it is here where technology, material    (die-cast    aluminum)    and    form     emerge.  The  jury  will  focused  on  three  core   aspects, originality of the proposal, integration  of the object with the context and a consistent  production process in relation to the design

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The works must be mailed to Domus Academy by and not later than 15th September 2017.
Candidates will be informed about the results of the competition by e-mail on 6th October 2017.

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  • One scholarship covering 60% of the total tuition fee of the Master Program
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Projects will be evaluated and selected by members of the Faculty of the Master in Product Design of Domus Academy.