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Domus Academy has expanded its academic offering with the 2-year Master of Arts (120 ECTS) in Design and Fashion. These 2-year programmes, accredited by the Italian MUR, offer an innovative vision and approach to creativity and industry, through an unconventional mix of workshops, seminars, specialized laboratories, and Boot camps.

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Scholarships Opportunities

Scholarships Domus academy

Scholarships Opportunities




Get a Scholarship for February '25 Master's Programmes: join the Project-based Contests within August 2nd.

Scholarships cover up to € 8.000 of the tuition fee for both the Academic and Double Award Master's Programmes.

Choose the School that supports next-generation designers and pursue your studies in Design, Fashion, Business and Experience. Apply now!

Think further, Design beyond

5 Reasons to Join Us

  1. A PLACE FOR ENVISIONERS | The visionary school of design research and experience supporting the next-generation to be system game-changers and leaders of tomorrow, encouraging young talents to use imagination and creativity to shape the world and create the change.

  2. CROSS-KNOWLEDGE PROFILES | The school has always focused its pedagogical approach on vertical knowledge as well as on horizontal skillset, contaminating different areas of knowledge and providing students with a long lasting curriculum.

  3. REAL INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENT | An open international and collaborative environment where talents can work with faculty and companies on future based concepts through disruptive and cross-disciplinary design approaches.

  4. UNIQUE EXPERIENCE & CAREER OPPORTUNITIES | Learning methodology based on multiple activities: lectures, workshops, labs, bootcamps, and customisable study plan. Connections with companies and professionals, masterclasses with designers and Alumni. Highest Certified Placement rate.

  5. ICONIC POSTGRADUATE DESIGN SCHOOL IN THE DESIGN CAPITAL | Full range of Postgraduate courses with Italian and International accreditation. Based in Milan, the world’s capital of fashion and design. Internationally recognised as one of the most iconic Schools.

Domus Academy Milano