Master in Luxury Brand Management Course starting February 4th, 2020 Deadline October 25th, 2019

To live and work in Rome is to be totally immersed in living history—to breathe it, embrace it, to pass by the imposing Coliseum every morning on the way to work, to walk past the Pantheon on the way to the supermarket, to take in the romantic grandeur of the Spanish Steps every time you enter the Bulgari store on Via Condotti. From the inspiration of Rome comes Bulgari’s instinctive and seamless layering of past, present, and future in a masterful play that combines tradition and modernity, elegance and excitement. 

Bulgari has liberated preciousness from its golden cage of classicism, making opulence more casual, contemporary, colorful, and joyful. Likewise, the Eternal City is social and celebratory; it invites self-indulgence with an exuberance amplified by its magnificence. 

Rome has been and always will be the prime source of inspiration for all of Bulgari’s creations. A strong sense of belonging is expressed in the logo’s lettering, BVLGARI, which echoes classical Latin inscriptions. With its use of a sophisticated language and storytelling with gold and stones, Bulgari aims to tell the world about the mosaics, the streets, the bridges and faces of Rome.


Begin by analyzing Bulgari’s brand heritage, identity, and place of origin, Rome. Identify key elements that could be relevant and meaningful for attracting a younger audience. 

Next, research inspiring examples of digital and social media campaigns by heritage brands in both luxury and non-luxury fields. Analyze the latest and most effective content-generation trends primarily on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. Envision and develop two digital campaigns (one for Instagram and one for a digital channel of your choice) that Bulgari could implement to attract new audiences

Your proposal should demonstrate your ability to perform an in-depth analysis of the Bulgari brand, conduct insightful research about its heritage and place of origin, and create a digital marketing proposal that aligns with Bulgari’s brand identity. Your proposal should be fresh and original.

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