Master in Fashion Management Course starting February 4th, 2020 Deadline October 25th, 2019

Salvatore Ferragamo's creative history needs no introduction or elaboration. He radically changed the world of footwear design and designed shoes for numerous celebrities, from Marilyn Monroe to Margaret Thatcher. Salvatore Ferragamo spearheaded innovation by changing heel shapes and creating cutting edge designs that are products of his time and clearly show he was sensitive to the economic and manufacturing changes. He had the brilliant idea of using cork and created the wedge, one of the fashion industry's most revolutionary and enduring innovations. Probably one of the most iconic models that he created is the 'Rainbow', a bulbous multi-coloured sandal originally made for Judy Garland in 1938 using layers of cork, colored suede and golden leather.

Since 2014, Salvatore Ferragamo has integrated sustainability into its long-term growth strategies, aware of the impact of the fashion industry generated on people, the environment and society. Sustainability is a positive challenge in which the company has specifically invested, respecting the values handed down by its Founder. The commitment to sustainability, intended as a model of how to act without compromise, has been structured over the years and is based on an approach focused on transparency, creativity and innovation. Nonetheless, “Made in Italy” remains key to the company’s path, allowing it to safeguard not only the product and service quality but also the DNA and approach towards sustainability.


Candidates are requested to analyse the brand, its DNA, product offer, pricing and distribution strategy. They need to study its initiatives with a focus on sustainability and innovation and deliver recommendations in relation to the engagement of younger generations.

They then need to research the millennial & Gen Z consumers in detail. Why should they care about Salvatore Ferragamo’s commitment towards sustainability? What innovative strategies would you employ to attract and engage them? Candidates need to identify and analyse the many initiatives related to sustainability that the brand undertakes. Which of them are more relevant and reputable to a younger consumer? How can the company improve these initiatives with a focus on innovation? Also, candidates need to identify Salvatore Ferragamo’s competitors. What are the industry best practices towards sustainability and how to communicate it? 

The strategy must be in line with the final product offering Salvatore Ferragamo has, which is focused on shoes, bags and small leather goods offer. Candidates must respond to the brand’s need to be relevant in today’s ever-changing and saturated luxury fashion world while simultaneously retaining its historic luxury DNA.

The balance between the practicality and viability of the proposition and the creativity of the solution will be evaluated as a fundamental element of the project.

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