Master in Interior & Living Design Course starting February 4th, 2020 Deadline October 25th, 2019

Quality, authenticity, social responsibility and environmental sustainability are values that Natuzzi, Italy’s largest furniture house and a company with global reach, has adhered to throughout its 60-year history.

Today, Natuzzi is moving away from traditional products and towards unique propositions for new generations. The company invites you to help it better understand the tastes and behaviours of Millennials and how they are influencing Italian design culture.


Domus Academy and the furniture brand Natuzzi challenge you to design an outdoor or indoor space of 50 sq m located anywhere in the world. The space should explore the redesign of a Natuzzi sofa—such as Tempo, Fidelio, or Long Beach—into a smart product for the future through the integration of new digital technologies.

This innovative space should consider the behaviors of Millennials, the “new nomads.” The objective of this competition is to identify, analyze, and orchestrate the synergies between the “new nomads” and the space through the redesign of Natuzzi’s products as smart new offerings.

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