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Master in Interaction Design in partnership with Accenture Digital – September 2019


Digital technologies and the ubiquity of connected devices have opened the door to new payment methods that were not feasible a few years ago. Today, we can find dozens of digital services that enable us to pay in stores, buy products online, or share money with our friends in seconds, wherever we are. New services created by some of the largest IT companies, from Alipay to Apple Pay to Google Wallet are prompting speculation that the future of payments will be purely digital.

Other recent financial innovations include cryptocurrencies, which offer an alternative to traditional money. These digital currencies take advantage of block-chain technologies to create a network that controls and records all transactions, making the currencies secure and independent from institutions and countries.

Finally, forward-thinking businesses are leading a shift from a take-make-dispose economy to circular business models such as product-service systems, hiring and leasing schemes, collaborative consumption, and incentivized return and reuse. In this context, access will replace ownership and repair will replace repurchase, making room for new forms of payment—from micropayments to alternative currencies to pay-per-use models.


Through this competition, Accenture aims to explore the use of these new payment/transaction methods, their possibilities, and new payment scenarios that could characterize our future.

Consider the following questions as you develop your project:

  • How could digital payments improve or create innovative user experiences in areas they have not yet entered?
  • How can we overcome the frictions that characterize current digital payment ecosystems?
  • What can we learn from innovations such as circular economies, block-chain technologies, and alternative currencies?

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The works must be sent to Domus Academy by and not later than 5th April, 2019.
Candidates will be informed about the results of the competition by e-mail on 6th May 2019.


  • One scholarship covering 60% of the total tuition fee of the Master Program
  • One scholarship covering 50% of the total tuition fee of the Master Program
  • One scholarship covering 40% of the total tuition fee of the Master Program
  • Two special mentions covering 20% of the total tuition fee of the Master Program


Projects will be selected and evaluated by the faculty of the master’s program and the Admissions Jury.