Master in Interaction Design Course starting February 6th, 2023 Deadline October 7th, 2022


• from 3.000€ to 7.500€ of the total tuition fee for Academic Master’s Programme
• from 3.000€ to 9.000€ of the total tuition fee for Double Award Master’s Programme


We all love our smartphones and tablets, our smartwatches and personal assistants. We live with them. We depend on their capacity to understand and predict our behaviors, get access to the latest news, to record and share that special moment and to orient ourselves like a local in a city we have never visited before.

Those devices and the Artificial Intelligences (AI) that power them, have become an extension of our body, allowing us to plan activities, speed up our tasks, optimize our time and, in general, explore and interact with the surrounding world in totally new ways. But, as we know, all of this has a price to pay.

On one hand, this means exposing our identity and personal data, putting our privacy at risk, on the other hand, it means relying on and trusting an AI we know little or nothing about, which, in some cases, can act in questionable ways, propagating and reinforcing racial or gender biases.


Starting from an in-depth research on trends and case studies on the topic of privacy and data collection, and on the role and impact that an AI can have on our lives in the present and in the near future, each candidate is required to design a concept for a digital solution capable of helping people manage, monitor and adjust the data they share during the daily use of digital devices.

The final solution will integrate a personal assistant that can assist people in dealing with their privacy and personal data, guiding them in understanding the limits and possibilities related to the platforms we use and which, when and how much data to share. The personal assistant can rely on digital (app, website, etc) or physical (wearable device, interactive device for our home) touchpoints.

The final solution will have to take into consideration the possibility for each user to modulate and filter the types and quantities of data that they decide to share, according to the tasks or activities performed (as an example during work, leisure or sport related activities).

It will also include a section that, through a dashboard, is able to track, analyze, and display the kind and amount of shared data and the privacy exposure.

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Required materials


  • 2 Reference Letters
  • IELTS 5.5 in all parts or recognized equivalent certificate to be submitted within 3 months before the course start date. (not mandatory)