COURSE START: September 30th, 2024


• Scholarships covering from 4.000€ to 8.000€ of the total tuition fee for the first year and 4.000€ for the second year of the Master of Arts Programme.


In our fast-evolving design landscape, the ability to craft design solutions that draw upon a remarkably intricate analytical foundation yet are elegantly resolved and presented in a manner that is both simple and easily digestible becomes an invaluable skill.

This competition offers a unique platform for designers to reflect on the captivating topic of Designing for Complexity. Participants will embark on the task of conceiving a design project that can span across a myriad of design domains, emphasising that more often than ever, real-world complex problems demand the collaborative contributions of multiple disciplines and perspectives. From product design to strategic design, visual design to interaction design, service design to design futures, and far beyond, design projects should reflect the interdisciplinary nature of modern systemic challenges. The projects should not only showcase innovative approaches to design but also provide practical solutions to real-world challenges.


Designing for Complexity competition is approached through three distinct design perspectives: Design for Impact, Design for Emergence, Design for Regeneration. These lenses offer unique ways of interpreting the topic, including having a positive impact, discovering emergent possibilities, and actively regenerating various aspects of our realities. Choose one of the following design challenges/perspectives and develop a project:

Design for Impact

Design for Impact aims to create solutions, products, experiences, or systems to generate significant positive effects across social, environmental, economic, cultural, and technological domains. It focuses on addressing challenges with tangible and measurable impacts and places a strong emphasis on actively driving change and empowering individuals, communities, or entities to become change agents.

Design for Emergence

Design for Emergence explores how products, services, solutions, and systems can adapt and evolve when faced with unexpected or dynamic changes. It emphasises not only the creation of resilient and flexible solutions but also embodies embracing uncertainty, the ability to spot new emergent opportunities for innovation, and a proactive attitude toward uncharted territories.

Design for Regeneration

Design for Regeneration focuses on actively restoring and renewing ecosystems, communities, or cultural aspects to enhance their health and vitality. It emphasises sustainability, renewal, and the potential for positive growth.

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