COURSE START: September 30th, 2024


• Scholarships covering from 4.000€ to 8.000€ of the total tuition fee for the first year and 4.000€ for the second year of the Master of Arts Programme.


In the contemporary fashion scenario, a remarkable evolution is taking place. The future of the industry finds its nexus at the intersection of style and sustainability. Contemporary fashion companies have increasingly embraced the concept of “capsule collection”, creating compact collections born of unique collaborations and innovative materials. These collections consist of only a handful of items, meticulously designed and presented in a fresh, innovative manner to captivate a global, modern audience.

Here, the conventional boundaries of fashion are reimagined, allowing designers to curate a selection of a few pieces that embody both style and a profound commitment to the environment. By limiting the number of garments, we shift the focus from quantity to quality, nurturing each creation with intricate care and consideration. This shift reflects a commitment to crafting fashion that speaks to the heart of today’s styleconscious and environmentally-aware consumer.


Candidates are asked to curate a capsule collection that seamlessly marries the elegance of high fashion with a sustainable ethos, while harnessing the power of cutting edge technologies. This collection should comprise four distinct outfits that showcase candidate chosen designer’s distinctive aesthetic, all tailored for the discerning tastes of Generation Z. In the design process, they must embrace the dual challenge of sustainability and technological advancement.

The garments they create should embody the very essence of “Fashion responsibility in the contemporary”. This means considering eco-friendly materials, impeccable craftsmanship, fair labor practices, zero-waste production techniques, upcycling, and championing a circular economy.

Candidates can use the latest design technologies to showcase their collection, from 3D modeling and virtual fashion shows to AI-based pattern making and sustainable fabric innovation.

To guide the journey, we expect them to present a comprehensive visual research portfolio, showcasing the inspirations behind the collection and the evolution of the designs. Candidate submissions will be judged not just on the final creations, but also on the thought and care invested in the process.

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