Master in Luxury Brand Management Course starting February 6th, 2023 Deadline October 7th, 2022


• from 3.000€ to 7.500€ of the total tuition fee for Academic Master’s Programme
• from 3.000€ to 9.000€ of the total tuition fee for Double Award Master’s Programme


Luxury goes beyond consumption. Luxury is the narration around the brand: its heritage, story and excellence.

Luxury brands add value to their products and services by offering deeper meanings and intangible values to their target audience. They work on developing strong point of views, meaningful values, strong emotional connections, through engaging and memorable experiences.

Experience is key success driver for any brand that plays in the luxury segment of diverse industry: Beauty, Lifestyle Accessories, Fashion, Automotive, Hospitality, Spirits and Wine, Design.


During these past years of the pandemic, luxury brands consolidated their consumer-centric approach. This translates into differentiation of each brand’s strategy based on an experience designed around customer needs and expectations.

Candidates are requested to identify a brand operating in the luxury segment. Based on in-depth research and analysis of the latest and actual global luxury industry, candidates should identify a market suitable for the definition of an omnichannel strategy where brand identity can meet the local needs.

Candidates must be intuitive to macrotrends, socio-cultural, economic and general consumer trends and behavior, social and technological innovation and consider the brand’s DNA.

Following their research and analysis that should lead to the identification of the right market, target audience and touchpoints, candidates are asked to present learnings and insights relevant to their idea to create a strategic and comprehensive communication activities plan and a set of solutions. The plan should leverage key digital and physical touchpoints along the customer journey.

The strategies should reinforce the brand’s community, maintain high customer engagement and loyalty among existing customers, and increase awareness among potential new customers.

The balance between feasibility and originality will be considered as a fundamental element of the project.

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Required materials


  • 2 Reference Letters
  • IELTS 5.5 in all parts or recognized equivalent certificate to be submitted within 3 months before the course start date. (not mandatory)