Postgraduate Courses Course starting August 30th, 2021 Deadline April 30th, 2021

Don’t miss the chance to get a scholarship taking part into the new PORTOFLIO CHALLENGE launched in partnership with Perimetro, a magazine and a creative community involving some of the most visionary and well-known professionals in the fields of visual communication, photography and styling.


Your portfolios will be evaluated by three special reviewers: Gloria Maria Cappelletti – defined as the pioneer of digital art, curator of the Milano Fashion Film Festival, Editor at Large and Creative Director of Italy; Vicky Gitto – Founder & Executive Creative Director of Gitto/Battaglia_22, President of the Italian Art Directors Club and Italian representative of the Cannes Lions Festival; Tanya Jones – stylist for D La Repubblica, fashion director L’Officiel Italia and Flair, contributor for magazines such as  10 Magazine and consultant for different brands including Max Mara and Armani.

Submit your portfolio to get your 30% scholarship for all Master’s Programmes starting in September 2021 and win a one-to-one session with the reviewers.


Born in Milano in 2018, Perimetro is a community of visual creatives aiming at creating a magazine capable of telling the city through the authors perspective and visual professionals, identifying the movements and the spirits that animate it, intercepting the change, interpreting the contemporary that surrounds us.

In a short time, the project has become a very active community generating cultural events in various spots located around the city. In these first two and a half years, over 300 authors and as many stories have been published, exhibitions and around twenty publications have been created.

In April 2020, during the COVID emergency, the community took action to support the Hospital “Papa Giovanni XXIII”, collecting € 726,000 in ten days with an online print sale. At that moment what was a local project took on a worldwide echo.

Today, in addition to Milan, special issues in Rome, Tokyo and Nairobi are also being released.

From Perimetro new projects have been developed: OEG, an Open Edition Gallery, the largest sales platform of fine art prints with Italian authors counting over 170 authors and Collective Review, a network of some of the most representative professionals in all sectors of the image including curators, fashion editors, creative directors, editors, directors, photo editors.

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